News Item: Green Lane checks
(Category: Our bees)
Posted by sally
Sunday 18 August 2013 - 18:06:56

Over at Green Lane today. We didn't interfere with GL1 but did reduce the entrance. Wasps are a real problem this year so we really need to give the bees the best chance to defend their domain.

GL2 has 5 frames brood and a further 5 super frames with a little brood below the honey arch. This colony has some chalk brood. They have a good amount of stores though, especially as we had united with bees from GL5 last time by adding a super. We won't be taking honey from this hive though and plan to leave them with their 2 supers, The entrance is now reduced.

GL4 has 7 frames of brood and we've left them with their half brood but didn't disturb them further by going through it. They have good stores in the supers and we'll leave them with 2 supers for Winter. Once again, we reduced the entrance so all at Green Lane are pretty well-set for Winter.

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