News Item: Queen re-hived
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Posted by sally
Saturday 03 August 2013 - 23:18:08

Once we arrived at Sue's apiary we put the nuc to settle beside the space where the hive would go.

The weather is due to change tonight or tomorrow so it was unlikely Sue would be able to return to do much in her apiary for a few days. She was keen to have everything sorted as soon as possible but of course the bees do have their timing and it is always best to work to that.

Once the entrance of the nuc was opened the bees seemed to fly well and were quickly settled.

We decided to check on the bees in the queenless colony and actually did quite a bit of sorting to be sure they could easily be united. By doing so, we freed up the kit Sue needed for her new queen. The frames from our hives are British standard but the spare hive and made-up frames that she had were 14x12.  We were able to free up another box though as her existing colony was on a double brood and diminishing. We made sure the hive was set up with boxes in the reverse order they would be united just to make it easier when it came to uniting.  We then fairly swiftly hived the nuc and added in a few frames of stores from the queenless colony. By this time the bees had been disrupted enough and I was keen to let the queen settle. A QX is in place below the crown board and the bees from the queenless colony can be added above some newspaper. So, when the weather is OK, Sue will return and complete the task.

There were a lot of wasps around and of course they will target a weak colony. Let's hope all is well.

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