News Item: Completed our apiary round-up
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Posted by sally
Sunday 07 July 2013 - 22:43:23

A very full beekeeping weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the association apiary yesterday but our own bees had to take priority.

Today we headed over to Green Lane and checked three of our hives over there.

Hive 1 is doing extremely well and although colonies will already have peaked, this one is still working a two-and-a-half brood with 13 and six halves across the nest. We saw the queen - red with a black tail. There are 3 supers with one completely capped and another almost ready to remove. So, we moved the fully sealed one to the top and placed a clearer below and also added an additional super - a wet one from last year. We marked the super to be cleared next time as a reminder so that we don't have to try and work it out at the point.

Colony 2 is somewhat low on bees and has clearly not only swarmed but lost at least one caste. There is a queen though. We didn't see her but did see two frames with eggs and open brood. This could be a candidate for adding the bees from the Rectory - that would give them a much needed boost. There are two supers on this hive but one is fairly empty - we added it to give them more space but just a little too late to stop them swarming.

Colony 3 has a new queen. She is pale and laying on two frames - all open brood. It never ceases to inspire when you see a queen laying on a frame - wonderful. As we found her in the brood box, we were able to move the QX down above the single brood. There are three supers on the hive so there may be spare honey to remove next month.

We decided to leave colonies 4 and 5 alone. They are both raising queens and a little behind colony 3 so it would be unlikely we would see much and they will benefit by being left undisturbed.

Then it was back home and after lunch I made up a couple of brood boxes of frames and foundation and also managed to have a bit of a clear up in the bee shed. I'm sure there will be something we can't find but hopefully it will be a little easier to put our hands on what we need.

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