News Item: New Forest bees doing well but ...
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Posted by sally
Monday 19 May 2008 - 00:19:52

Almost a week since David, Ken and Jill hived the New Forest swarm and I was looking forward to getting my hands on them and take a look earlier today.  They're doing well, much calmer and working hard drawing out their new foundation and building up their own comb.   We were pleased to find only 4 verroa mites after a week - so far so good.  One queen cell had been made since last week but once we had found the queen (eventually!) we removed that.  So, hive three is looking good.

We planned to leave alone hive two (moved last night) as it is hopefully raising a new queen.  So, into hive one we went to check on our artificial swarm.  Oh dear - no queen.  We went through very carefully twice but no sign of her and she had been well marked so I'm sure we would have seen her.  There were four queen cells but we really don't know if the bees have made emergency queen cells or whether they were planned.  We were very careful last week; I can't believe we damaged her.  Maybe the bees know better than us!

Somewhat disappointing but we hope hive two will yield a good queen and we'll consider reuniting the colonies and any other options next week.  Patience then ...

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