News Item: Pagden part two
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Posted by David
Saturday 17 May 2008 - 23:57:15

It has been a pretty dismal day: drizzling since lunchtime, with occasional heavier showers and a few interludes where the drizzle became just a dampness of the air. We were on apiary duty this afternoon, but fortunately the Association apiary is undercover in high-roofed barn (no sides) so we can work with the bees whatever the weather. There wasn't much to do this week. We just checked on a couple of colonies and added a few frames of foundation to hives that had been shook swarmed a fortnight ago.

This evening we moved hive two (the artificially-swarmed-from hive) to the other side of hive one like the good beekeepers we are becoming. The young bees that have just become foragers in the last week will return to hive one, giving that a useful boost in numbers. Hopefully it will also curb any remaining desire to swarm in hive two when the new queens emerge (fingers crossed!)

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