News Item: Oh no! We have gone and done it again!
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Posted by David
Wednesday 26 March 2008 - 14:10:41

Yes, despite having no bees, we went and bought some more equipment last night. We followed up a note on an eBay auction for a Smith hive which said there was some WBC kit available too. As it was only a few miles away we had to take a look. I think that one of the symptoms of the beekeeping bug is an insane desire to buy, save, obtain, care for and possess any piece of beekeeping equipment that might "come in handy sometime" or adds to the "set" (in our case WBC). It was pretty clear that some of the stuff we were buying hadn't been used by the seller. He had bought it to add to his "sets" (Smith, Dadant, WBC and National in his case) and whilst it was good to have it to hand, it never came in that handy after all.

Well it had to be done and we ended up buying:-
  • 3 Brood chambers - which were on our shopping list
  • 10 supers - that's only two extra per hive we plan for - optopistic for this year but they don't go off!
  • 4 wire queen excluders - they are a bit surplus to requirements as we have quite a few slotted ones. Worth a try to see if they really are better.
  • 9 clearer boards/crown boards - we needed at least 1 more.
  • 2 glass quilts - saves me cleaning up the ones we have so quickly!
  • 1 full size feeder - Ashforth type but with the entrance in the middle - which we were looking out for
  • One box that we couldn't agree what it was for, but was in excellent condition! I suspect that it isa section rack with a bit missing.
You can see some of the stuff in the picture.WBC equipment
It is all in pretty good, clean condition so, if nothing else, our purchase last night has relieved some of the pressure to clean up, repair and sterilise boxes from our previous purchases (more of which another time). This was becoming urgent as Sally had been so prolific at making up frames over the weekend.
I had written more about the weekend's work preparing for our bees (the ones we have yet to get) but the computer gremlins ate it. So I will return to that subject another time.

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