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Posted by David
Wednesday 07 May 2008 - 16:28:49

Well it probably won't work, but it's worth a try.  We have set up a bait hive hoping to get a swarm turn up in it.  We know it is not in an ideal spot and that it should be higher up etc, but it was the first flat site I could create easily.  

Bait hive set up in the apiaryWe had talked about doing it for a while, but last evening whilst fiddling about in the shed I decided it was time to act.  I had left the shed door open for a few minutes and returned to find two bees inside the shed - one right inside the half open bag containg a brood box half filled with frames of foundation - and another bee buzzing at the door.  It was past 7.30pm.  They may well have been our bees, though they were darker than most of them. We have three distinct colours in the hive, one of which is quite dark.  So they might just have been scout bees from somewhere else.  With the weather set fair for the coming few days and the start of swarming time finally upon us, I though it worth having a go.  So we have a fresh hive set up with a brood full of new foundation (the best we have) and a swarm lure bought from Thornes.  Fingers crossed.

By the way, we are now professionally ready to go swarm collecting.  We have invested in a skep in the hope that it will send out the signal that we want a swarm or two.  I used a cardboard box or an old travel box in the old days, but a skep means acting the part!

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