News Item: Brand new start
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Posted by David
Monday 09 February 2009 - 17:09:56

Well not really a brand new start but it does feel like we have begun a new beekeeping season and we have been branding our frames and boxes as we prepare them for the bees.  Here's how the results of our new branding iron look:
Branding our equipment
We had hoped to make a good start on cleaning up some of the secondhand equipment that we bought at the end of last year but it was so wet we couldn't possibly work outside.

In the future we might be able to use the bee shed or the Pig Barn (the outbuilding we are converting to a nice room/studio) but right now the first is full and the second isn't finished!  So instead we made up a new WBC brood box, made up some frames with foundation, checked through eight WBC supers and the brood box and put all the frames in Housel Positioning (Housel Positioning deserves its own entry soon) and branded all that kit.We also did an audit of what stuff we had and what we need for our first spring inspections and our expansion plans.  We bought a fair amount of foundation with our WBC purchases last year, so we only needed to place a fairly small order through our local beekeeping association.  We do need to get some more frames though and some plastic ends.

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