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Posted by sally
Saturday 14 February 2015 - 22:23:00

We didn't blog at all last season. How remiss!

It was a very busy year for us with lots going on besides the bees. I posted a fair bit on Twitter whenever we were out and about at our apiaries and you can follow me on Twitter at @SallyattheHive but I reckon it's about time I added a few things to this site.

Coming out of what has been a very mild Winter, the bees will be making use of their Winter stores and starting to respond to the Spring urge to grow and expand. Some of the early flowers are already out - snowdrops and crocuses and primroses in our garden - and the bulbs are coming up good and strong.

We'll be doing our first checks of the year this weekend and the key thing will be how heavy or light do the hives feel. We have plenty of tubs of cappings left over from honey production so we will be able to feed back to the bees some of their own honey rather than using fondant (although I do still have some fondant left that I made during our first year of beekeeping).

We left all of our hives with honey - some with a lot! Of course, it's all relative and if there is a very large colony then they are going to need a lot of feeding. We do have a colony in a skep though. A colony in our garden swarmed last year and we ended up leaving the swarm in the skep. Of course, that meant we had no idea how well it was doing on stores. It was quite an old queen and a very small swarm and we decided to let it be, not really expecting it to get through. Still early days for that one but we may try some remote feeding but within the WBC hive that we have placed the skep into.

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