News Item: Winter Checks
(Category: Our bees)
Posted by sally
Sunday 15 February 2015 - 16:59:24

It's been a mild Winter so far and that means the bees will have been largely active throughout.  Luckily we leave plenty of honey on our hives just in case - after all, it's easy enough to take off honey in the Spring if the bees have surplus at that stage - and during a long mild Winter, the bees can get through a lot of honey.

So, today we visited all of our hives to check their weight and get an idea of how they are doing. Here's David listening to see that there are bees in our number 2 colony at Green Lane. A tap on the hive, followed by a loud buzz settling back to a low background noise was the confirmation that yes, there were indeed bees in this hive and they sounded Queen-right.

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