News Item: Final checks
(Category: Our bees)
Posted by sally
Sunday 29 September 2013 - 23:12:05

The Garden colony seems to be collecting stores rather than cleaning up the supers we had added. We ended up moving one of the supers we expected to be cleaned, down below the crown board and have left the brood box full of a mixed of size of frames and added another super to clean above the crown board. We hope to remove the top two boxes soon but this is a very heavy hive. At this rate, we'll be taking more honey!

Green Lane Apiary

Over at Green Lane all seems well. We half expected GL2 to have succombed to wasps but they seem to be holding their own. We gave a bit of attention to the entrance blocks to make sure there were no un-guarded gaps. A couple of colonies are higher on varroa than we'd like but two are very low so we'll need to consider when and how we might take action if needed.

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