News Item: Bees withstanding the Wasps
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Posted by sally
Sunday 22 September 2013 - 23:07:00

We're making use of our good, strong colony in the Garden to clean up the supers now that honey-spinning is over.  We've put a brood box (with a mix of brood- and super-sized frames) plus a super above the QX to be cleaned.  This is a rather tall hive with a nest comprising a brood and three hives but at least they have plenty of honey. Wasp levels are still high in the Garden - not helped by the neighbours active wasp nest - but they don't seem to be a problem for this hive.

We also popped over the the Hill where we were concerned the colony may be a little light on stores.  Actually it helfted OK and they still seen to be bringing in nectar. We put a couple tubs of cappings over the crown board which will give a further boost. Wasps are trying to get in but the bees seem to be holding their own very well but we reduced the entrance.

Apart from mouseguards when the wasps have passed, the colonies are fairly well set for Winter now althoug we'll still keep an eye on varroa levels in case we need to take action.

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