News Item: Moving Bees
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Posted by sally
Sunday 15 September 2013 - 13:21:42

Once again our lovely much-travelled queen (from 2010!) and her colony have returned to Green Lane. We took a look through the colony yesterday and reduced it down to a single brood box, and made ready to move. Then, this morning we took it over to Green Lane and set it up on position GL3. We also added the super that we had taken off the colony at the Rectory last week. It's quite heavy so they should be fine for Winter. Must remember we brought away the QX to clean up but we have left it so that the queen has the run of the hive should they need to go up to the stores.

Whilst there we reduced all entrances, checked on varroa and replaced all boards.  Wasps seem to be quite an issue over at Green Lane and GL2 is the one struggling to hold them off so we'll need to watch that one.

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