News Item: No Honey on the Hill
(Category: Our bees)
Posted by sally
Sunday 18 August 2013 - 18:59:21

Taking a look in the colony on the Hill today, they seem a little light on stores. I had expected they would have honey to spare but it just depends on the timing really. When the weather turns and the colony is large, they can get through a lot of their stores - well that is what it is for after all. This colony swarmed at the end of May too so they will have taken what stores they could at that point. We're actually concerned we may need to supplement their stores. There is minimal in the brood and although there were two supers, one was quite light and the wet super we added last time, we placed above the crown board to encourage them to clean it up and take down what they can. So, one to watch before Autumn is upon us.

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