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Posted by sally
Sunday 21 July 2013 - 23:21:24

It's a little warm in bee suits in this hot weather. The bees seem to love it though!

A quick check on colonies in the garden today. G1 is doing very well. We didn't disturb the nest so don't know if they have extended down to the brood box (the nest comrpised three half brood boxes last week). We could see there was brood right across the top half brood though so left alone. The super was almost capped so we added a wet super above the QX. The top super should be ready to remove next time.

G3, the one we united last week, has 6 frames in the lower brood and 2 in the top one. We saw the queen so were able to move the 2 frames of brood from the top brood down and place a QX above the first brood box. This queen may date back to 2010 (unless we missed one!) so we need to be mindful they may choose to supercede. No signs yet but we left an empty queen cell untouched.

Before heading over to Green Lane we called in briefly to Sue and Kirstine's apiary on the way. Sue was worried her colony was queenless, and indeed it was. Kirstine's hives seem OK but we'll see if we have a small colony to spare to sort Sue's issue. In situations like that it would be great to add a frame of eggs from a nearby hive but the hives are not of the same type in their apiary so it isn't that straightforward.  Hoping we can help ... we'll see.

At Green Lane GL2 is holding its own with 5 frames of brood but is very low on bees with a lot of chalk brood - not surprisingly as there are probably not enough bees to care for the brood. New bees are starting to emerge though so in time it should do well.  We found our new queen in GL5 was a drone layer. Not nice to do but we dispatched the queen and united the colony with GL2, placing brood from GL5 above the brood and below the supers.

Queen seen in GL3, with 2 frames of brood. Lots of stores in the brood though and the queen was looking for space to lay so we moved in a frame of foundation. A little chalk brood in this colony too. The top one of three supers is ready to clear next time. Nice bees though. They could be a possibility for Sue.

Then finally, colony GL4 is on 7 frames of brood plus some in the half brood but they still haven't started on the super

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