News Item: Weekend rounds
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Posted by sally
Sunday 14 July 2013 - 22:53:57

Garden inspections yesterday and we have now seen the queen in G1 - the swarm that arrived end of May. She's slim, pale with a dark tail. We added a brood box below her three half broods last time but although they have started to draw out the foundation, she is not laying in there as yet. The three half broods, however, have 8, 5 and 6 frames of brood from bottom to top. There is a super too, below which we added a QX, which is filling nicely and very nearly capped.

Queen seen in colony 3, too, who is laying across 6 frames of brood.  Colony 2, on the other hand, clearly had a drone layer. There was now no sign of a queen or eggs so we united it with G3, turning that into a double brood.

Then today it was over to Green Lane.

We only planned to remove a super from GL1 but the bees had found their way back into the box in the week they have had the clearer board in place and they had started to strip it out to take down for their own stores. Clearly they would need, once again, to work on the super we had our eyes on, so we removed the clearer board and took away 8 frames of honey, replacing them with ones from a wet super from last year. They are now stored beneath our kitchen table waiting for me to make time to spin some honey.

We inspected GL4. No queen seen but we did see eggs and they have 7 frames of brood. They still haven't started on the super so, once again, we cleaned up the QX to encourage them up.

Then colony 5 we did see the queen - pale - and just started to lay with a few small patches across 3 frames. There were some emergency queen cells though and not really enough laying space so we moved in a frame of foundation. We'll have to see how that one goes.

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