News Item: Another visit to Green Lane
(Category: Our bees)
Posted by sally
Friday 07 June 2013 - 23:17:00

David was over at Green Lane again yesterday, doing varroa checks and continuing with strimming. Varroa is very high but although we have some treatment options, it really has been too cool to open hives.  

Then today we both went over (my first outing to the bees since my foot operation) and took a look in hives 4 and 5.

We saw no queen in GL4 but did see eggs and there were 9 plus 8 halves of brood. They really don't have much room though and so we plan to take over a super soon.

GL5 had queen cells and 11 frames of brood so we decided to create a nuc, taking 3 frames of brood, leaving 7, 1 good frame with stores and added one of foundation and brought the nuc back to the Garden to raise a queen. If the queen hasn't gone already, we have left her in situ but there are eggs if needed (plus a queen cell or two if I remember rightly).

Interesting to note that we saw evidence of hygienic behaviour in hive 2 with drones extracted from cells fallen onto the varroa board.

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