News Item: Time to check out that swarm
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Posted by sally
Sunday 30 June 2013 - 22:39:48

The swarm landed back on the last day in May and we've left it alone. The weather has been very mixed so it hasn't been our priority with other things that needed to be seen to in the apiaries. But today we decided to take a look inside and plan to move the colony into a WBC and resite it a few feet away. Of course that meant clearing a load of soil that was in the way and leveling a new site but isn't that always the way!

The swarm had taken residence in a pile of national boxes piled high with two brood boxes and four supers. Most had full boxes of frames with just a few gaps and over Winter the wax moth had really gone to town, especially on the lower brood box which had old frames with mouldy pollen and not very nice frames at all. Basically they were ready for melting down and not much good for anything else. Consequently, the bees had moved up and in the main used the four supers for brood and honey stores plus a few frames in the brood box which were actually super sized frames. Clearly there was a queen as we saw eggs and when we transferred the colony into the WBC have ended up with a newly set up brood box (in the hopes that she will go down and use that) plus three half broods and one super filling nicely with honey and partly capped. They did seem to have some sac brood but hopefully the new circumstance we have given them will give them a much better chance to sort themselves before Winter.

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