News Item: Not worth a fly?
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Posted by sally
Sunday 06 July 2008 - 10:07:12

That's how a swarm in July is viewed, so goes the old saying.
July swarm near BeaminsterBut we'll take what we can get - it's more practice, experience, a chance to show off, and, on this occasion, a helping boost to Ross and Sarah's apiary.

We had a call this morning from a farm over in Beaminster.  A swarm had been spotted and it had been there a few days.  Indeed, it was a small swarm and it couldn't have been in a more convenient postion.  No climbing up trees or teetering on the top of a ladder.  A branch overhung the field and the swarm was there, easy to reach, at chest height.

It hasn't been brilliant weather the last few days so maybe these bees had got stranded.  They were certainly flying off in one direction so maybe a likely home had already been located.  Well we had our skep ready to give them some guidance.

I wanted to bag this one - sorry David but it was my turn.  Nice and easy too; it was captured in moments.  We had laid the cloth on the floor close by and held the skep below the swarm for me to knock the bees into it.  A few stragglers were brushed off the branch into the entrance area of the skep and we let them settle.

The dark clouds were looming though and we really couldn't tell if it was going to rain, or even thunder.  So, safest we felt would be to take it there and then rather than leave things to settle and collect it later.

Then, into the back of the car, many thanks to the farmers, Robert and Tom (possible new beekeepers there and Robert's grandfather had kept bees so maybe it's in the blood) and off we headed to see if Ross and Sarah were in and up for providing a new home to this swarm ...

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