News Item: Musings at the hive entrance
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Posted by David
Thursday 15 May 2008 - 17:30:25

One very obvious thing we noticed with the swarm from the New Forest was that there was a lot of noise and haphazard buzzing around.  It took them a few days to gradually settle down and yesterday they were flying in and out in a pretty even and meaningful way.  I guess that the swarm would have had a greater number of young, inexperienced bees that needed to orient themselves for longer.

Another noticeable feature of the bees from the New Forest is that they are late risers.  Their hive catches the sun a good hour before the others, yet the bees are not active first!  Is it the strain of bee?  Were they not used to the different feel of a WBC compared to their previous National hive home?

I have just been up to have a look at the hives after a cooler day, dull and drizzly.  There is hardly a sign of movement from hive 3 (New Forest bees) yet the original colony, hive 2, (the one creating a new queen we hope) has a steady flow of bees in and out.  Admittedly this is a single bee at a time but it is like Heathrow, regular and relentless.  They have fewer foragers, but perhaps more need of stores.  Hive one is not quite as active - perhaps half or a third of the flow - but it still beats the bees in hive 3 who don't go out unless it is dry sunny and hot.

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