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What do I do if a swarm of bees turns up?

If you have a swarm of bees - DON'T PANIC. The first thing to check is if they are honey bees. If they really are honey bees then ring your local beekeepers association. For more details on how to check what you have got and get help see our swarms page.

If you live near to Bridport in Dorset then you can ring us on 01308 423808.

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Another winter check

As David has said, the bees are flying well right now and bringing in pollen so, fingers crossed, all is looking fairly positive.  Today we took a look at each of the hives to check they had enough stores.  We had noticed hive 3 was seeing off a few unwelcome visitors so maybe the hives without fondant would benefit from having some.  We made up an extra couple of packs of fondant and, if they weren't needed on those hives we had already added fondant, we thought we'd add them to 2 and 4.   

Well, we checked all four of the hives which had already got fondant and they have found the food and started to take it but the hive on the hill (5) had taken probably two thirds so we'll probably check that next week and maybe add some more.

Hive 6 at the Rectory seems small so we really don't know if that will make it.  It was quite defensive when we were around but from looking at the debris on the varroa board, seems to be on only four frames, mostly towards the front.

We've put clean varroa floors in each of the hives so will make our first check of the year in a week's time.  And we've also added a pack of fondant to the two larger hives in the garden apiary.

So, come on bees, we're still rooting for you.

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Posted by sally on Sunday 15 February 2009 - 19:35:07 |printer friendly