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What do I do if a swarm of bees turns up?

If you have a swarm of bees - DON'T PANIC. The first thing to check is if they are honey bees. If they really are honey bees then ring your local beekeepers association. For more details on how to check what you have got and get help see our swarms page.

If you live near to Bridport in Dorset then you can ring us on 01308 423808.

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Spiralling back to base

The sight of bees swarming is quite remarkable, but the sight of slightly lost bees leaving the swarm's settling place and either going to the skep or back to the original hive can be amazing too.

After the hectic dashing about to secure the swarm from its lofty perch there were a few moments of fingers-crossed quiet while we hoped that the swarm was going to stay put in the skep. There were still lots of bees 20ft up in the cherry tree, but the many bees round the skep with their bottoms in the air suggested that we had got the queen and everything was going to be alright. 

Then a magic began and the bees in the tree began their descent: not high and wide round the tree as when they left the hive but filtering through the branches, spiralling down and blinking on and off as they passed through the dappled streaking sunlight like magic glitter in a Disney fairy tale.

Soon all was quiet again and the original hive was smeared across its face with a big smudge of bees.

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Posted by David on Monday 28 July 2008 - 01:04:35 |printer friendly