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What do I do if a swarm of bees turns up?

If you have a swarm of bees - DON'T PANIC. The first thing to check is if they are honey bees. If they really are honey bees then ring your local beekeepers association. For more details on how to check what you have got and get help see our swarms page.

If you live near to Bridport in Dorset then you can ring us on 01308 423808.

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New bees move into Walditch

Probably a bit of surprise to Ross when we turned up.  There he was, tucking into his lunch and we turn up with a swarm of bees in the car.

Not to be phased, he sprang into action and within minutes he had knocked up a roof for a handy travelling box, added some pre-prepared frames, already with foundation, and the nuc box was ready ...

Next stop the apiary - nice spot fenced in at the edge of a field.  Ross and Sarah's existing bees were already housed in a national hive (not as nice as our lovely WBCs but with a rather attractive gable roof) and this nuc would join them on the stand (very good idea to save back strain).

The weather might have held but now wasn't the time to walk the bees into their hive.  That can wait for another swarm when Sarah is around to share the moment.  So, nuc box in place with two frames to either side, Ross very expertly shook the bees into the box and then added the frames, allowing them to fall into place.  Nicely done, Ross and very well filmed by me of course.  (Clip to follow very shortly).

We left Ross working out how to feed the bees and we headed home with some delicious raspberries and a box full of wood - excellent smoker fuel.  A very fair exchange.  Thanks Ross.

So Sarah, I hope it wasn't too much of a shock when you entered the apiary to find a new addtion and we wish you both well with your growing apiary.

So, roll on the next swarm ...
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Posted by sally on Sunday 06 July 2008 - 19:40:08 |printer friendly