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What do I do if a swarm of bees turns up?

If you have a swarm of bees - DON'T PANIC. The first thing to check is if they are honey bees. If they really are honey bees then ring your local beekeepers association. For more details on how to check what you have got and get help see our swarms page.

If you live near to Bridport in Dorset then you can ring us on 01308 423808.

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The Hill ready for Winter

I visited the Hill today and the bees were really busy.  It was mid afternoon with a little Autumn sunshine trying to get through the clouds but and the bees were very active and successfully keeping out the couple of wasps I saw making a sortie.  It seemed a good weight when I hefted the hive and I removed the feeder and added a mouse guard.  I'd like David to take a look before we leave them to their own devices to make sure we don't need to add stores but I reckon they should be OK.

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Posted by sally on Saturday 31 October 2009 - 16:54:30 |printer friendly